PrimeVal StressLess®

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PrimeVal StresssLess® is a unique, relaxing supplement that fears fear and helps your dog to relax.

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What is PrimeVal StresssLess® and how does it work?

PPrimeVal StressLess is a unique calming supplement counteracting anxiety, and helps your dog relax. The calming herbs and nutrients in PrimeVal StressLess mutually reinforce each other, tackling the dog’s sensitivity to stress from several angles. PrimeVal StressLess is a natural product that soothes without causing drowsiness, is not addictive and does not cause habituation. It is very suitable for use in dogs suffering from separation anxiety, fear of fireworks and stress related to, for example, visits to the veterinarian.


Herbs, brewer’s yeast, minerals, amino acids.


Body weight of the dog:  Daily dosis:
between 5-15 kg  ½ measuring scoops
between 15-30 kg  1 measuring scoops
between 30-40 kg  2 measuring scoops
above 40 kg  3 measuring scoops

*In case of preventative use, such as visits to the veterinary clinic or when travelling, preferably start administering a double dose 5 days prior to the event.


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